Admission process

• You will have to collect admission form in exchange for 300 tk. In addition to the admission form, guardians will have to fill out other forms containing the information. The guardian must sign a prescribed contract. 

• Health card should be filled out and certificate of well being provided by MBBS doctor. The admission form should provide the students with all the information correctly.

• The admission process will be completed by submitting the prescribed fee of the institution. Whatever is required with the admission form.

• 2 copies Passport size photo.

• Certificate or Exemption certificate.

• Birth registration.

• 2 copy photos of the guardian.

• Health certificate.

• Photocopy of the guardian’s national identity card + 2 Local guardian’s photo. In order to properly carry out a student’s personal information, it is important to know the information of his conduct, habits, affidavit etc. Some of the information is confidential but the guardian will inform the institution for the welfare of the child.

Institution Dress

Boy : Fulhata Shirt (Offwhite) with Pipen. Pants [Green]. Sweater [Green Vigla].
Girl : Fulhata Kameez (Offwhite). Hijab [Offwhite] Green Pipeline with 1 Salwar [Green] Sweater [Green].

Admission Hotline